• 10:00 a.m. delivery with priority, depending on destination ZIP code. Please download the ZIP codes list
  • delivery details transmitted trought the EVA-System (automatically email, Yahoo Messenger, Android phones)
  • online tracking shipments through electronic services
  • acknowledgement of receipt by phone
  • a control system for on-line dispatches
  • order on-line
  • the consignee’s contact by phone for the special conditions deliveries
  • return of the signed and/or sealed documents (Waybills, Invoices, CMR)
  • EVA-invoicing system for billing and customized professional
  • insurance of dispatches
  • multiple delivery attempts if the receiver is not found
  • collections are made between 9:00am and 5:30pm each work day
  • for orders placed before noon, the collection can happen on the same day
  • 30 kg/parcel, 210 kg/shipment, 3m3/shipment, 240x120x150 (cm)/pallet
  • depending on final destination of your shipment, there may be different weight or size limits
  • the fraction is considered as a complete measurement unit
  • the volumetric weight is calculated using the following formula:
    Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)
Special and Extra Services

Please check our Special and Extra Services. Those services are considered extra fees and are applied to the base charges.

Delivery before 10:00 a.m.

Guaranteed next morning delivery before 10:00 a.m. in major industrial cities.
To chek availability, please download the ZIP codes list, or contact our Customer Service Department

Saturday Delivery

Saturday Delivery is available for an additional charge. To chek availability, please contact our Customer Service Department

Pickup Order

A charge applies when you request a pickup. The charge is itemized separately on your invoice

Saturday Pickup

Saturday Pickup is available for an additional charge. To chek availability, please contact our Customer Service Department

After Hours Service

A shipping fee applies for After Hours Pickup or Delivery. After Hours is considered between 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. To determine if After Hours Service is available to your destination, please contact our Customer Service Department

Shipment Value Added - Insurance

the Declared Value and Limits of Liability sections in WEBCourier “Terms and Conditions”

Dry Ice Shipments

Dry Ice Shipments are accesible using WEBCourier services

Volumetric Weight

Volumetric weight is calculated by multiplying the lenght by width by height of each package in centimeters and diving the total by the volumetric conversion factor established for each service (please see the description of each domestic courier service). If the volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight, charges may be assessed based on the volumetric weight. Volumetric weight applies on a per-shipment. Dimensions are rounded up to the next whole number. The final calculation is rounded up to the next half kilo or to the next whole kilo

Additional Handling Surcharge

For certain domestic shipments, WEBCourier may apply for additional handling surcharge in the following circumstances:

  • unstackable items
  • items with atypical dimensions which require special handling
  • items improper packed
Wait Time Charge

A surcharge may apply for waiting time that exceed 15 minutes allocated for delivery at consignee’s address

Residential Delivery Charge

If the shipper-provided address is incorrect or is a P.O. Box, we assess an addtional charge for delivery or attempted delivery to the correct address. We will attempt to determine the correct address, complete delivery and notify the shipper of the address correction. If we are unable to determine the correct address, we will contact the shipper for address clarification or instructions for returning or destroying the shipment. Address Correction is also required if the recipient phone number is omitted. If we are unable to complete delivery, we are not liable for failing to meet our delivery commitment

Destination Change Service

Destination Change Service consists in the possibility of change, on the consigner’s express request, before the delivery and within a term agreed with the supplier, of the consignee or the address recorded on the shipment, as well as in the possibility to stop the delivery of mail. A charge applies to any change on the air waybill due to new sender instructions received after the shipment has left the pickup address (origin location). When the sender changes the destination and additional shipping is required, the sender is liable for the shipping charges as originally routed, plus transportation charges between the original and amended destination address

Reroute of Shipment

A shipping fee is billed for each rerouted package; it appears as an address correction on the invoice. Reroutes can include delivering to a different address in the same city or changing a hold-at-location instruction to courier delivery. Only one reroute is allowed per package. Any requested change to an address that is not a reroute or an address correction is a new shipment, and new shipping charges will apply

Delivery Reattempts

We provide redelivery service in the following circumstances:

  • no one at the recipient address or a neighboring addresss is available to sign for the shipment
  • the shipper has selected a Delivery Signature Option and no eligible recipient is available to sign for the shipment

Second delivery attempt is free of charge. Third delivery attempt will be charged. After three attempts to deliver and/or three attempts to notify the recipient, or five business days from the date of shipment, whichever occurs first, the shipment may be considered undeliverable and we will request infor for send the shipment back or to destroy it

Documents Return

A charge applies in addition to shipping charges for the request of returning the documentation accompanying the shipment

Multiple-Piece Shipments

You can ship multiple pieces as a multiple-piece shipment if the pieces:

  • use the same service, bill-to instructions and delivery instructions
  • move together on the same day from one sender to one recipient
  • meet all size, weight and acceptance guidelines for the selected service
Delivery Signature Options

WEBCourier offers three Delivery Signature Options for shippers:

  • indirect signature – WEBCourier will obtain a signature in one of two ways: from any person at the delivery address; from a neighbor, building manager, or other person at a neighboring address;
  • direct signature – WEBCourier will obtain a signature of the authorized person indicated by the shipper, identified by a card ID. If there is no authorized person at the delivery address, Webcourier will reattempt delivery.
  • adult signature – WEBCourier will obtain a signature from any person at least 18 years old (card ID required) at the delivery address. If there is no eligible recipient at the delivery address, Webocurier will reattempt delivery.

Shipments to residential addresses may be released without obtaining a signature. If you require a signature for a residential shipment, select one of the Delivery Signature Options. Indirect Signature is not available for shipments to business addresses. If a contact person is available on the shipment documents (AWB, labels, MAWB), the direct signature will be apply. Shippers cand choose the Delivery Without Signature option for shipment to business addresses. In this case, the Company Stamp will be obtained from the recipient. In all cases phone number is required. Otherwise, Address Correction charge will be apply

Storage Charges

If a shipment is undeliverable for any reason independent from our commitment, additional charges will be applied for storage. Storage Charges starts at the fifth business day from the first date of shipment pickup/arrival

Extra Services Charge

When the shipper or recipient requests a special handling service beyond the standard courier pickup and delivery features of service outlined in this WEBCourier Service Guide, or when determined by WEBCourier, we will assess an extra services charge in addition to all other applicable charges

Extended Service Area Pickup

Shipments picked up outside the WEBCourier primary service areas are assessed an Extended Service Charge.
Please download the ZIP codes list for Extended Service Area.

Broker Select Option Fee (*)

If you choose to have us deliver the shipment paperwork to a different customs broker for customs clearance, a fee applies.
(*) This option is available only for NON-EEC shipments

Customs Clearance Fee (*)

WEBCourier provides import/export clearance processing. WEBCourier charge an ancillary clearance service fee, where applicable, on international shipments for:

  • clearance processing
  • services requested by the shipper, recipient or importer of record
  • or to recover the costs passed to WEBCourier by the regulatory agency for regulatory filing

Ancillary clearance service fees that are invoiced are described on a separate line item on the invoice.
We may apply these service fees, which are subject to change, to either a based Shipper or Recipient.
When possible, we will honor the Shipper’s request to bill these service fees to the Recipient. When we are unable to honor that request, the Shipper may be invoiced for applicable ancillary clearance services.
When the Shipper option is selected to pay duty-and-tax charges, the payer will be invoiced for all applicable ancillary service fees that are assessed for clearance including all fees resulting from ancillary services that may have been requested by the recipient.
(*) This option is available only for NON-EEC shipments

Duties and Taxes (*)

Duties and taxes may be assessed on the contents of the shipment. Any such charges will be billed to the recipient, unless you instruct us otherwise. In the event we advance duties and taxes on any given shipment, the payer will be assessed a surcharge based on a flat rate or on a percentage of the total amount advanced.
(*) This option is available only for NON-EEC shipments

Airport Recovery

A charge applies to recover your shipments from the airport

Airport Charges

For your shipments consolidated under one Master AirWaybill, we will apply charges depending on the commercial airline

F.S.C. – Fuel Surcharge

We reserve the right to assess fuel and other surcharges on shipments, without notice. We will determine the amount and duration of any such surcharges at our sole discretion. By tendering your shipment to WEBCourier, you agree to pay the surcharges, as determined by WEBCourier.
The fuel surcharge percentage will be subject to adjustment monthly. The percentage for each month is available at the Fuel Surcharge page approximately two weeks before the surcharge is applicable

Text Message before Delivery

A text message will be sent to the recipient before delivery. Recipient will be informed of the possibillity of receiving the shipment. You must provide a romanian valid mobile phone number

Destroy Shipment

Upon special request submittet by the shipper, a charge applies to destroy the shipment

Unconventional Charge

Unconventional charges could apply during delivery, i.e. Bridge Tax, Constanta Port Entrance Fee, Museums Entrance Fee, etc. Before delivery, you will be informed about those charges and we will wait for your confirmation

Useful Links

Terms and Conditions

Access the Webcourier “Terms and Conditions”, which also represents the Service Agreement between “We” and “You”.