Go Paperless with Electronic Billing

Go Paperless with Electronic Billing

EVA-invoicing Electronic Billing solution was developed to provide extra support for optimal management of logistics processes of your company, giving you greater control over shipping costs.
All that paperwork to check, record and file, not to mention the laborious task of inputting all that data, invoicing can certailny be a drain on your time.
The advantages of EVA-invoicing application are numerous. Here we mention the most important:
Smarter  – you can import invoice data directly to your accounting system, reducing mistakes made manually inputting data. The invoice specification is transmitted by email in Delimited Text CSV format.
Faster  – you can instantly access EVA Cabinet for your invoices information, saving you time searching through filing cabinets and chasing paper copies
Greener– you can view invoices as a PDF instead of printing them out, helping minimise your impact on the environment by reducing paper wastage
Implementation – Delimited Text EVA-invoicing files are flexible and easy to import into most database systems

EVA-invoicing Request Form

Simply click on the link below and fill the form at the page 11:
WEBCourier EVA-invoicing Request Form

How to view your EVA-invoicing:

  • Click on the link in your notification email. This will take you directly to the WEBCourier EVA-invoicing website. Or open the attachment to the email and view your PDF invoice.
  • View your invoice online.
  • Download the CSV file to import the data into your finance package (if applicable).